Simple Flat Fee! No Commission!

No commission or any hidden fees. Just a flat monthly fee. 

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Billed Annually

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  • online digital menu

  • Easy to use Dashboard 

  • Multilingual



QR Menu plan plus:

  • 1 store

  • 350 Orders

  • $0.22 per extra order



Lite Plan plus:

  • Up to 3 stores

  • 1,000 Orders

  • $0.17 per extra order

* No fleet delivery orders (i.e. Deliver orders by walking to customers) do not require fleet management or location tracking. 

** Fleet delivery orders (i.e. Deliver orders by driving to customers) require fleet management and location tracking. Additional delivery orders can be purchased Please contact us for more info

*** SMS messages are sent to users to notify them about their orders. Additional messages will cost $0.032 Please contact us for more info